Updates in the world of Morgan

With the major exception of USPS, Deutsche Post and DHL’s combined effort to loose my laptop, things are going great. I have been in Berlin for about three weeks now, landed an exciting new programming contract, looking like I found a rather cheap room to rent.

So what have I been up to….. Since I do not have my regular laptop, the programming lad been kinda limited. I am working on my ASUS EEEpc (which I finally fixed) which has been, well, a bit of a pain in the ass. But surprisingly I have gotten used to it. But I have also gotten a new laptop (free too). So tomorrow I will be back to it, getting some really work done on a full sized screen. But I still have been working on some interesting stuff.

For the new job, I have spent the last day familiarizing myself with the code already in place and doing a huge amount of cleanup. A lot of redundant code, good practices used in the wrong way, bad practices making things worse. But not too bad all in all. I have also been playing a lot with V8 which I am super excited about.

While I am not the best C++ programmer, I am a terrible Java programmer. So this is a great alternative to Rhino. And that’s not entirely true, I can guess and stumble through Java as well as C++, but Java’s build environment leaves me totally befuddled. I have also been playing around with FUSE again, and decided why not combined the two? So I made JsFS (I’ll post about this again later), but basically it create a jsin and jsout file, put Javascript into jsin and it is executed by V8 and the results are in jsout. Pretty useless yeah, but it was fun to make. I figure in the end I could make a Javascript interface for FUSE.

Bike News! I rode to Copenhagen two weeks ago. Well most of the way. Weather was not very cooperative and my friend I was riding with got injured to we ended up riding about half of it while hoping on and off trains. I am putting together a better mini-touring setup and will be riding to Geneva in about two weeks to race in the Swiss Bike Messengers Championship.

Also posted some pictures.

Okay, thats enough out of me.